Super Mario Brothers Mega Mix Pack

by Amscan
SKU 396607

Quickly and easily fill up those party favor bags with this Super Mario Mega Mix Pack. This package includes 48 pieces total of six different activities that every kid will enjoy. Included are rulers, ping pong balls, keychians and much more!


   8 tops, 1 1/2in diameter x 1 1/4in tall

   8 pong balls, 1 1/4in diameter

   8 disc shooters, 1 1/2in wide x 4 1/2in tall

   8 rulers, 6in wide x 1 1/4in tall

   8 dog tag keychains, 1in wide x 2in tall

   8 mini hand clappers, 1 3/4in wide x 3 1/2in tall

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