Voted Best Candy Store

Voted Best Candy Store! 4 Years Straight!

Exploring the Piñata District and its institution: Raquel’s Candy N' Confections!


Downtown Los Angeles is in a sense the heart of the city of angels.


What to see in Downtown? Downtown is the neighborhood where there are corporate offices and modern buildings to marvel at, but also many shops where you can go shopping in a pure LA Style. The neighborhood deserves at least half a day of your vacation and, if you have some time ahead, you could also explore the MOCA, the Museum dedicated to contemporary arts. These are some of the main and most common things a tourist usually do in this area of Los Angeles..


What if there’s something more than that?


All these places and thing to do it is basically what you can see on the surface of this well-known touristic area but, if you take a closer look you are going to discover a new incredible place to live amazing colorful and tasty experiences: we are talking about Piñata District.


Exploring the Piñata District


The Piñata District isn't officially recognized by the city and it is like a little microcosm apart from the rest of the Fashion District. As time goes by Piñata District hasn't stopped itself from developing into a thriving wholesale and retail hub as the Southland becomes increasingly Latino and people from other cultures adopting the piñata as a party staple. So, if you are tired of all the modern side of the city and just want to explore some hidden unique place, Piñata District is what’s best for you!


Strolling at Piñata District is a full immersion into colors, smells and curiosity and you would easily get lost into its vibes while eating something typical such as a yummy pupusa from a vendor’s cart. Mexican street food, candies, music.. Your piñata district’s exploration is going to show you a different aspect of Los Angeles you really won’t expect! A complete surprise! Of course here you can find the craziest piñatas ever but, even if you are not up to throw a party, this place is going to give you so much more than just some inspiration for you next festivity’s bash! You are going to full immerse into a Latino and Mexican culture made up of piñatas, of course, but also discovering the festival side of this precious culture that it is so different from  all the others we are used to know. So, while you are living your shopping session in Downtown Los Angeles, be sure to get to East Olympic Avenue near South Central Avenue and let you guide by the colors, the smells and the positive vibes of Piñata District! When it is open to the public? Basically the district is open every day but, of course, for a more intense, crowded and liveliest experience the weekends in this area are just to die for, taking your exploring experience to the other level!


Come visit Raquel’s, the best candy store! An true institution in the world of candies!


If you want to explore this intriguing and unique new area inside the Fashion District, be sure to explore Raquel’s, the best candy’s store where the party never stops!

Raquel’s is a company project that has been in the candy industry and confectionary since 1982. The result of a constant innovation-driven research and development effort has helped to identify new business formulas, intercepting trends and market trends, conceiving a new value that is based on experiential logic, with strong emotional and sensory impact.

High quality and originality represent the distinctive features of a company that over the years has been able to mix tradition and innovation, based on this combination of factors as the main competitive success factor. was one of the first to specialize and import Mexican Candies, and so much more!


Voted best candy store for the fourth time in a row. Raquel's is the right place to find exactly what you need!


If you are a candy lover or you want to throw a party with style, colors and fun, we have everything you need to realize the perfect festive project with a huge assortment of candies, both classical and Mexican, you could create the perfect candy buffet for your ceremony of event (choosing between several different type of colored candies for every theme and customized party). If you are looking for party supplies we have them too with several options for birthday boys and girls, for specific events such as baby showers, weddings, religious festivities and so on. You could choose for a more practical and funny touch or a classy one, more elegant and formal. Everything to suit your party up and create the perfect atmosphere for your guests!


If you are looking for incredible activities for your kids’ party you will have plenty of options! You could find a piñata (of course!), board games and toys for every occasion and situation, both indoor and outdoor!  


“At Raquel’s in the Piñata District, our mission is to always provide a fun and entertaining environment for both our customers and our employees; dedicating the utmost customer service from a friendly staff who offers premium products for all of your party needs.”


If you don’t have an idea of how your party will be like, don’t be afraid! Come to visit us at our store in Piñata District and you will have several inputs for you next party! Let us inspire you with all ours sweets and tricks.


Come visit us at 1238 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021 and let the party begin!


You are more an online shop person? We got you covered! We carry a variety of candies and party supplies. You can order online, get it shipped and delivered or order for pick up at our downtown Los Angeles, California store. From piñatas, lollipops, chocolate, cookies, chips, colored candy, plates, cups, tableware, paper decoration, color themes, toys, party favors, licensed party supplies with characters from children's shows and so much more.

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