Entrepreneurs Swap Biggest Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

Entrepreneurs Swap Biggest Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

Three entrepreneurs meet each for the first time to discuss pivoting, supply chain and the hunt for Mexican Coca Cola.

As the pandemic shutdown stretches into the winter, small businesses are struggling to stay open. A survey of business owners found that more than 1-in-3 small business owners will not make it past the next three months. The outlook for small business owners of color is even worse: The survey shows that 41% of Black and Latino-owned business won’t make it through the next few months without additional financial support. Meanwhile, lawmakers are still trying to hammer out an economic stimulus deal.

Reach Further brought three entrepreneurs together to meet each other for the first time and share COVID-19 business survival lessons and strategies.

Angie and Lupe Martinez are the owners of Novacane Bar & Grill, a full liquor bar geared towards millennials, an untapped market in the Southeast Los Angeles area. They also just invested in a second bar location in Downey. Angie is also an Instagram influencer.

Chris Luna is an owner of Raquel’s Candy “N” Confections, a party supplies store in Downtown LA, which he runs with his two brothers. Last year, they also launched an e-commerce site. Chris also runs a piñata factory in the center of LA’s piñata district.


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